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This is the home of the Darkhorse Cycles racing team. A collection of miscreants, deviants, old codgers, and some very nice ladies who all share a passion for racing bicycles on both dirt and pavement. Check in here for race reports, updates, and other interesting claptrap from our members.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stewart super six pack!!

the Stewart Super Six Pack went off without a hitch! well done boys and girls!
the best part is that "we", the mayor, myself and the Ravinator all got to race!! super fun times!

i wrote a very clever and witty blog post congratulating everyone on their performance but blogger ate it! argh!!
so this is all you get!!

send me your reports and photos and i will post them up.
great job out there everybody and it was a pleasure being in the Darkhorse Jersey versus the Hawaiian shirt for the day!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SSAP 2011 in photos

these just about sum up the 2 extremes of Darkhorse racing.......

Monte locked and loaded. looking determined to defend the crown. on his way to victory rocking the #1 plate!! hoorah Monte!!

CDUBS.......loaded for.......or just loaded? chasing the chinamen into DFL...
he was unable to secure last by the way....nice effort though...

Monday, April 18, 2011

SSAP 2011

holy smokes!

team darkhorse represent!!

Monte with the victory and 3-peat! EPIC!!!!!!

Aaron bringing it home for NY men with the victory and fastest overall time!!!

awesome day out there guys and gals!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011? already?

ummm. yeah so this blog has been a little dormant lately.......
so 2011! holy crap!
how was your 2010? the Darkhorse gang had a damn good time and did a bit of racing as well!!

Monty continued to ride ridiculously fast! he has a new super secret training program and rumor has it a whole new outlook on things!! stay tuned! all i can say is if you race in the pro class i feel sorry for you!

c-dubs, despite our best efforts to "transfer" him to another squad, will be back in 2011 in Darkhorse colors. argh! check in to his blog for "updates" on all things some what cycling related. he has a bum hip that despite copious amounts of "chinese" herbal cures continues to be an issue.but like a true hero he soldiers thru the pain with the help of pure agave nectar and mental instability!

check in on the Mayor and Rave on the "book of faces" to see what sort of nifty happenings are occurring in the new digs! yup thats right! a new HQ! if you haven't set foot in the cycling mecca of the greater Hudson valley you are truly missing out. the kegerator made the transition intact and continues to pour smooth frosty libations!

2011 races are up on bikereg! so get over there and sign up already! i'm tired of hearing George tell me that we don't have enough people registered 6 months in advance!

if you have news or notes send them our way and we will post them up!

happy 2011!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mohican domination

epic conditions.
stacked singlespeed field.
100 miles.

Darkhorse Jersey on the top step of the podium!

congrats Monty! Keep up the good work!